​​​​​​​Emergency Management​


Greg Cary

299 Glasgow Road

Burkesville, KY 42717

(270) 864-2787​ - Phone

contact@cumberlandcountyem.org - Email​

The primary function of Cumberland County Emergency Management is the development​​ and implementation of a comprehensive emergency management program for Burkesville and Cumberland County. The comprehensive emergency management program addresses mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery from major threats to public safety. These threats include emergencies and disasters which cause, or threaten to cause, loss of life, serious injury, significant damage to property, or major harm to public health or the environment. The Cumberland County Emergency Management organization assists and helps coordinate the EM activities of Emergency Medical Services, the Burkesville Fire Department, the Marrowbone Fire Department, the Cumberland County Rescue Squad, as well as Burkesville and Cumberland County law enforcement. The Cumberland County EM organization acts as a liaison with the Pea Ridge Fire Department of neighboring Clay County, Tennessee. Kentucky law requires that each county and city maintain an Emergency Management Department to serve the public safety interest of the local government. Cumberland County Emergency Management has been established and operates with inter-local agreements with the City and Cumberland County. Cumberland County Emergency Management operates under the guidelines prescribed by Kentucky Law.